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Star Award Nomination Form

Deadline for Nominations: September 18, 2024

Nurse of the Year or Administrator of the Year – This nominee must be employed by an active IALA AL
community member for a minimum of six months. They must demonstrate exceptional professionalism and service
in a management or non-management position. Also, they must exhibit service above and beyond their normal job
responsibilities through outstanding leadership qualities, performing heroic deeds, &/or consistently adding to the
general well-being of the tenants.

Community Property – This award is presented to an IALA community property that demonstrates outstanding
performance. Examples might include consistently high occupancy, innovative renovations or remodeling, special
events offered, awards received and tenant comments. This is an opportunity for the community property and all
the people associated with it to shine. Please provide six or more photos of the AL community.

Associate Member - Candidate for this award should have demonstrated year around participation, involvement
with conferences and educational meetings and offered IALA members exceptional value and service.

Frank Takes Dare to Dream - Candidate will be the person responsible at your community who encourages tenants
or employees to dare to dream, then were instrumental in making it come true. This person should demonstrate
the ingenuity, compassion and dedication of Frank Takes, a pioneer for our industry and for IALA. Please include
three or more pictures of your Dare to Dream nomination, along with their dare to dream.

NEW THIS YEAR are Four (4) Hero Award Categories – This award is for any employee from one of our member
communities that has been there for a minimum of six months and demonstrate service “above and beyond” for the
tenants and community in which they serve. When selecting someone for a Hero award be sure to check the Hero
category then include the department where they work. Hero: Life Enrichment - Activities Staff, Administration, Concierge; Hero: Environmental Services - Maintenance, Laundry, Housekeeping, Transportation; Hero: Culinary - Culinary Coordinators, Chefs, Dietary Aides, Wait Staff; Hero: Direct Caregiver- Nurses, Universal Workers, CNA's, CMA's, Medication Managers. 

Photo(s) of Nominee

Thank you for helping us recognize Star employees.Nominations are due by Tuesday, September 18, 2024. For more information, please reach out to

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