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About IALA

Empowering Assisted Living Providers to Advance the Ideals of Independence, Choice, and Wellness

Through Education, Advocacy, and Resources

The Iowa Assisted Living Association (IALA) is the only trade association in Iowa focused solely on assisted living. We are proud to be affiliated nationally with Argentum (formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America). Growing numbers of people living into their 80’s, 90’s, and beyond challenge assisted living providers as never before. Our members strive to offer elders opportunities to enjoy choices in lifestyles and services as well as ways to maximize independence and wellness throughout the aging process. Members connect with peers through educational training sessions and conferences and gain a thorough understanding of industry regulations through our online management course. IALA’s education is easy to obtain, relevant to today’s challenges, and affordable. Let us empower you to be the best in your role of serving Iowa’s elders.

Everyone deserves choice and dignity

as they maneuver through the aging process.

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